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best epilator for face

We all know that men have facial hair and there are a lot of people who prefer them to have beards. In fact, they make them look slimmer and even suit them better than having them shaved! We sometimes forget that women have facial hair too! However, some of them are lucky enough to have fair ones. Others are not so lucky and need to deal with darker facial hair. If you are reading this article, you probably are one of them. In addition to that, you may probably be tired of using natural ways to remove that hair and want to try something new. Perhaps even find the best epilator for face.

I want to calm you down and say that there is no need to worry at all! Nowadays there are plenty of methods to get rid of that facial hair and have smooth and shiny skin. One of them is epilation! Yes, epilation indeed! Here you will find a few reviews. As a result, you will be able to choose the best epilator for you.

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Find the Best Epilator for Face

Here is the list of the better epilators for face out there. That's at least what I think. Look through it and read further reviews to get a better idea of which one might suit you.

Epilator on Amazon

Nice Features


Removes even the shortest hair.

Runs on battery.

5-1 functionality.

40% wider head.

Slim epilation head.

Bonus 33 facial cloths.

Full body pampering.

**Below, you'll find my more detailed reviews. However, you can also click above to see customer reviews on Amazon.

Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator

Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator is the most popular epilator on Amazon for face for a good reason! It's simple to use if you know the instructions and it's very cheap as well. However, the simplicity in the way its built and its functionality are surprising. This epilator manages to remove even the fairest, shortest hair and your wallet does not get any smaller after this purchase. What's the catch you'll ask. It's not electric. Therefore, you will have to do all of the job by yourself and get your wrists and finger to work. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing, because in this way you have more control over the process of epilation and you can stop whenever you feel like it's simply too much.

Specific Features

  • Suitable for chin, cheeks and upper lip
  • Small in size, therefore easy to carry around
  • Removes even the fairest and shortest hairs
  • Low price that is only paid once
  • Has spring coil and two handles
  • Used manually with hands


  • Easy to use once you know instructions
  • Pleasurable, pain-free experience with regular usage
  • Great for sensitive skin and if you have bad reactions to waxing
  • Pretty quick once you get used to using it


  • May be hard to figure out how to use. Here are instructions to avoid that.
  • May get bumps if you don't use the gadget properly, therefore be careful
  • Can be painful in first times, especially when you still getting used to using it

The One Feature I Love

Just look at how small this device is. Therefore, it's so easy just to carry it around in case you see a hair that's annoying you. Moreover, it's especially good for travellers. You will not need to worry about facial hair anymore!

Who is This For?

Anyone who struggles to get rid of that unwanted hair on their face. It's very good for those who have sensitive skin and cannot stand waxing. In addition to that, it's for a person who simply doesn't want to spend much and doesn't mind to try out epilation. Overall, it's a good choice for everyone. Trust us, even advanced users will be happy with this small buy.

Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

Here is another gadget from a well known Emjoi brand. This gadget is electrical unlike the Epiwand epilator we have just reviewed above. You can make this little beauty work with batteries and they last for quite awhile. The good thing about this epilator is that there is no manual work involved and its motor speed will in fact surprise you. It's double the Epiwand's price but let's be honest, Epiwand epilator is very cheap. Moreover, this epilator is actually electrical and more intricate, however much easier to use. It's pleasant to use as causes less pain and is very good for those who are just beginning!

Specific Features

  • Battery operated but still lasts long
  • Has 6 tweezers, therefore good for sensitive skin
  • Tweezers open and close 180 times per second - good for catching hair
  • Powerful motor ensures that epilation will hurt less
  • Can epilate facial parts as well as underarms and bikini area


  • Works quickly
  • Works well on coarse hair
  • Compared to other electrical epilators, this one seems to hurt less
  • Good for beginners that prefer electrical epilators to manual ones


  • Not good for large areas of body
  • Only one speed, which may seem too fast for beginners
  • It could be too loud for your household

The One Feature I Love

I simply love its power and therefore how efficient it is at removing hair. None of us want to spend hours trying to get rid of that facial hair, we are too busy for that. Aren't we?

Who Is This For?

This epilator is great for those who prefer to have an electrical small epilator instead of a manual one. In addition to that, it's probably very good for people who don't want to spend a lot of money on an epilator and only need it for small areas such as skin, underarms or bikini area. Overall, it's good for lazy pals out there who just want to remove that hair fast. Simple as that.

5 in 1 Facial Hair Removal Epilator

Here is another epilator. However, this one is rechargeable and may suit someone who does not necessarily like using batteries. Moreover, it's universal as it has 5 functions! You can epilate and massage your face with it as well as shave, remove callus and use cleansing brush. And its price doesn't bite at all! On contrary, it's actually in the lower price range. It comes with a few heads that give this device such functionalities. In addition to all of that, everyone is free to use it. Men could very well take advantage of this gadget as well even though it looks a bit girly.

Specific Features

  • Has 5 functions: epilates face, shaves, removes hard skin, brushes and massages face
  • Cleanses pores 8 times faster than other rivalries
  • Rejuvenates skin and softens wrinkles
  • Cordless and can be easily recharged
  • Can be used for both dry and wet skin


  • Brushes are great for their price. Do their job well
  • Many functions
  • Cheap for the vast amount of functionality
  • Everyone can use it including men


  • The plastic doesn't seem to be of the best quality
  • Takes 8 hours to charge
  • Lasts only for 40-60 minutes

The One Feature We Love

We love how universal this product is. It means that it can be used for many different purposes. Moreover, it's very cheap and yet has so many different functions. Overall, it's an attractive choice.

Who is This For?

It's great for people who prefer to have a gadget that does a lot of things instead of having many devices that do many different things. Moreover, it's great for those who are not only looking forward to facial epilation but shaving, massaging and callus removing as well. You can open your own beauty salon at home and that's exciting!

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579

This epilator is the best seller on Amazon amongst all epilators. That's obviously for pretty good reasons. It's one of those babies that are good at everything epilation related. In addition to that, it is a shaver. The beutiful thing about it is that you can use it both in the shower and any other dry space. Therefore, you can choose to epilate wherever you find it more comfortable. The product includes 7 attachments that make it a full package deal! The reason it is one of the best epilators for face is the brush that it comes with. It exfoliates skin and is 6 times better than manual cleansing. In addition, it's great at epilating face as well.

Specific Features

  • 40% wider head ensures faster epilation
  • Cordless and Wet & Dry, therefore can be used in the shower
  • Epilates, shaves, trims, massages and has a facial brush
  • Brush cleans pores and removes makeup
  • 6x better than usual cleansing
  • Cap for sensitive skin epilation such as face


  • Massaging attachment lets you get close to skin and remove facial hair
  • Good for other sensitive parts such armpits and bikini line
  • Great for legs, arms and other big areas
  • Does not cause bumps as much as other epilators


  • Quite painful in the beginning
  • May get out of charge before you finish epilating your whole body
  • Loud, therefore could be annoying
  • You may need to go through the same area twice

The One Feature I Love

How can you not love the fact that you can epilate your whole body with this beautiful gadget? You can use it for all of your body parts due to the attachments that it comes with and its power. In addition, the fact that you can use it in bathroom only shows that it supports gentle epilation. Therefore, it's less painful.

Who is This For?

For those who don't mind investing in a good quality gadget and who would like to epilate their whole body, not only their face.

Braun Face 831 Beauty Edition

This beauty pack is specifically dedicated to facial hair and face skin. The gadget that comes in it can be called the best epilator for face. No doubt! In fact, with this package you can open your own facial beauty salon and treat all of your patients! Just kidding. However, it is that powerful. All of it for a medium price. That sounds pretty good doesn't it? So what does this beauty offer? It has a slim head that allows you to epilate even the parts that need you to be extremely accurate. Therefore, it does its job very well and catches hair that grow in any side. In addition to that, it comes with exfoliating brush that does wonders to your skin. Many say it's worth it just for that. Overall, the combination of epilation and cleansing with this package will result in new baby's skin!

Specific Features

  • Can be used for chin, cheeks, upper lip, forehead and eyebrows
  • Comes with a slim head to epilate parts that need precision
  • Both for shower and dry environment
  • Facial brush exfoliates and deep cleanses pores
  • Micro-openings open and close 200 per second - makes epilation fast
  • Powered by batteries
  • 30 day warranty


  • Grabs hair in all directions, therefore very efficient
  • Great at shaping eyebrows
  • Cleansing brush makes your skin look shiny
  • Does not leave your skin red
  • Epilation with cleansing results in smooth and shiny skin


  • Batteries lose power quite fast, therefore you may need to spend extra on them
  • Leaves your face hairless for only 1 week and more like up to 3 weeks
  • Using every day can be too much even though it's approved to be used daily

The One Feature I Love

It’s simply a nice package for face. Epilator can do whatever your want with your facial hair. In addition to that, exfoliating brush will make your skin shiny and free of any dirt. It looks like this gadget offers great face therapy for everyone at their homes. Therefore, we can only love it!

Who is This For?

This device is for whoever have problematic skin and facial hair! In addition to that, it does its job quickly and thoroughly. It also comes with a brush that simply does wonders to your skin. Don’t be shy and exfoliate more often.

Codream 5 in 1 Rechargable

Here we represent another universal gadget in our list. If you want to pamper your skin, it’s probably the gadget you need. Moreover, it can be used in all environments. At the same time, it’s small and can be easily carried around therefore is suitable for travelling. It can be even used for larger skin areas, for example legs. Obviously, it will not work as fast as its rival Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 that we have reviewed above but will certainly do the job. Overall, relatively cheap choice that can make you quite happy very fast! Read through for specific features and its advantages.

Specific Features

  • Rechargeable and Wet & Dry, therefore can be used in the shower
  • Easy to clean with a brush that comes with it
  • 5 in 1: epilates, shaves, removes callus, cleanses and massages
  • Suitable for travelling
  • Comfortable grip will improve your epilation procedure


  • Shiny skin when using cream with massager
  • Could be even used for legs
  • Great on flat areas, therefore good for large body parts
  • You save a lot of money for the functions it offers


  • May struggle with coarser hair, therefore not so good for bikini line
  • Is not as good on curvy areas
  • May need to go over the skin several times

The One Feature I Love

It's cheap and still offers a lot of functionality. Even though it's dedicated to removing facial hair, still does a good job on legs. That's something what we want and expect. Therefore, I could say that it's universal and multi functional and that's what many of us love.

Who Is This For?

For those who don't want to spend much but get a full beauty package that pampers their skin! This epilator is great not only for the face but for your feet as well. All of that due to the callus remover that comes with it. Therefore, you should absolutely try it if you're interested in all types of beauty gadgets.

Can You Use an Epilator on Your Face?

The short answer is yes. Some of us have short fair hair that is hard to notice, others are not so lucky. While many could remove facial hair with the help of a razor, bleach or depilatory creams, the results may not be exactly as expected. Hair is likely to start growing back quickly and you might find yourself spending more than expected. Apart from electrolysis or laser, epilation is one of the most convenient methods there is to try. It’s safer than shaving and not as messy as bleaching.

How to Use It?

It’s simpler than you think, here are some of the things you should have in mind. All of them make sense, I’m sure!

Make-up Check

Use a make-up remover and facial cleanser to make sure that your face is totally free of any dirt. Pat your face dry and you’re ready to go!

Hair Length

Your hair needs to be at least 1\4 inch of length if you want to remove it using an epilator. If the hair is shorter, you’ll have no choice but to let it grow a little bit longer.

Adjusting Speed

My personal recommendation – always start with the slowest speed to avoid the unnecessary shock. You can always increase the speed and work your way through that face!

Epilate Against the Grain

Glide your epilator slowly over the area in an opposite direction to your hair growth. Otherwise you might experience hair breakage and incomplete hair removal.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Your face is very sensitive compared to other body parts. Consequently, it needs more care and attention. Make sure to use a non-scented moisturizer right after you’re done epilating. It’s a good idea to avoid using make up for a couple hours too.

Clean the Epilator

Unplug the epilator and remove its head from the handle. Use a brush to remove all the hairs. Then, rinse it under running water to make sure there are no hairs stuck in it (not all epilators can be washed though!). Might be a good idea to use a bit of antibacterial liquid. Read more on how to clean an epilator here.

Should I Invest in the Whole Body Epilator or a Facial Epilator?

If you are new to epilation, I recommend buying one specifically for face.  Even though many body epilators come with a special cap for sensitive areas, they aren’t as effective as epilators built for face usage only. While epilation can be a challenging process, and it’s not always easy to figure out how a gadget can work, you’ll get around it in no time.  

Enjoyed These Face Epilator Reviews?

We hope you found a gadget that suits you well. Want an epilator for all body parts? Feel free to read more reviews on our website. In case you have any questions, feel free to comment or contact us! It's always good to share your thoughts and ideas with others. In that way we can all learn together. Therefore, if you have any ideas, you're more than welcome to share them with us. I'll do our best to answer them.

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