4 Best Facial Wax Strips You Should Try

best facial wax strips

Facial hair can be quite a menace. There are many different ways to remove the hair from this sensitive part of our body. One of them is sugaring where a warm mix of sugar and lemon is applied to the face and rolled off, thereby taking away the hairs. Then, there comes waxing too. So far, it’s been one of the most tried and tested techniques out there.

I think it’s a reliable way to get rid of facial hair since the hair that grows back is always lighter and finer. While hair regrowth varies from person to person, I’ve noticed, like many others have, that long-term waxing actually results in lesser and delayed regrowth.

I’m going to review what I think are the best facial wax strips that you could use to execute the task.

Best Facial Wax Strips I Recommend to Try

I understand the dilemma everyone faces while trying to pick out the wax. There is so much confusion and so many brands available.

I think you should consider a number of factors before making the purchase: effectiveness, price and allergic reactions. I have created a comprehensive list of the best facial wax strips that should narrow down your search. They are so far my favourite ones.

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Face Waxing Basics

Of course waxing at home is a lot more convenient. It is easy on the wallet and you do not have to wait ages for your salon appointment to materialise. Also, you might find it slightly embarrassing to seek help in removing facial hair. The biggest dilemma anyone faces before waxing their face at home is choosing the correct face wax.

I strongly recommend that you stick with using facial wax strips since they are gentler on the skin than the body wax strips. If you have noticed, I have suggested only ready-to-use cold wax strips rather than hot wax because it is a lot more appropriate and less messy, you should leave the loose wax to the professionals.

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  • Wash it with a cleanser. A clean face has fewer chances of a breakout.
  • Use lukewarm water to release dirt from your pores and gently exfoliate the skin.
  • Trim the long facial hair so that the wax strips can have a good grip.

Prep Your Face

Carry out the following to prepare your face before waxing:

Nad’s Hypoallergenic Facial Wax Strips

The facial wax strips by Nad’s features on the top of my list primarily because these strips are hypoallergenic. I have really sensitive skin and it’s tough for me to find facial wax strips that wouldn’t give me severe allergies. So, Nad’s Hypoallergenic Facial Wax Strips suit me just fine for any occasion.

Luckily, these wax strips are also free from any fragrance so that’s another feature that can work in one’s favour. It’s made of natural beeswax. Therefore, if you’re looking for something organic, this is definitely a wax to go for.

The company claims to have made the strips using an innovative contour weave paper technology and I have personally noticed that the strips fit facial curves better. They’re quite flexible and can conform to the contours of the face. They are also soft to use, which I feel is rather important given that they are primarily facial wax strips.

So far, I have used it to remove hair on my upper lip, middle brow, chin and cheek and it has performed impressively. It can even get a grip on small hair. The pack of two is really cheap when purchased online.

You will also get soothing wipes in the box, which you can use to get rid of the sticky residue. Considering that these soothing wipes are oil-based, you might want to take into account your skin type before using it.

Final Thoughts

While it is hypoallergenic and goes well with my skin, it’s always advisable to test it on yourself first. I think these strips are less painful than the others I’ve tried so far. Plus, they’re super easy to use and to clean up afterwards.

All you need to do is rub the strips to warm the wax up and put them on your skin. I haven’t experienced any breakouts but I cannot say that for everyone.

Once again, everyone’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for everyone. Consider a patch test first. The only hitch that I experience is the sticky residue left behind after the waxing but nothing the oil pads cannot take care of.

Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strip Hair Remover Kit

Veet is a brand that I can trust to provide a solution for all my hair removal problems. One pack of 20 wax strips comes with 4 wipes. They can also be used for your bikini line and your underarms.

That’s the reason why I use them as my backup, I usually target my facial hair and take care of my underarms and bikini line all with the same pack! These waxing strips come enriched with vitamin E and almond oil, which once again suits my sensitive skin.

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Using these wax strips is an easy task and you can go hairless in a few minutes. The procedure is the same. Peel the strips apply each of them on the target areas. Hold them down and smoothen the strips before peeling them off in one swift motion. That’s it!

The wax is very sticky and offers a good grip even on short hair. I think the brand itself isn’t bad. Plus, they offer a cheaper substitute to a visit to the salon.

The wax strips in this package comes in various sizes based upon their usage, which I think is pretty handy. On the other hand, I would have preferred a few more clean-up wipes especially since these strips are quite sticky.

They are pretty efficient since you do not have to keep ripping at the same spot over and over again. In fact, one strip is enough to get the desired result. Everything works well for me except for the clean-up of the sticky mess it leaves behind. But then again, the quality of wax is good so that’s a fair barter.

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for the Face

This one comes enriched with Coconut and Marula Oil. Therefore, these strips keep the skin hydrated and soft. The pack contains 17 double-sided wax strips and after-use gel for soothing the pores. While the box already contains strips of different sizes, what I usually do is cut them anyway.

It can get a little messy if you are a first time user but once you understand the nuances, then it is an easy task to get a salon-like facial wax right in the comforts of your home.

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My friend makes use of Sally Hansen Hair Removal Kit, especially when it comes to doing her eyebrows. She has often complained of the sticky residue left behind by these wax strips.

According to her, even the oily wipes aren’t capable of getting rid of the stickiness. She generally makes use of makeup remover, which tackles the issue to quite an extent.

If you can deal with removing the stickiness these wax strips leave behind, then you can definitely go for these wax strips. Make use of the gel present in the box or liquid soap on a warm cloth to take it off.

My friend has never complained about any ingrown hair so those fears can also be put to rest. These also work well on fine hair, therefore use these if you are dealing with a fuzzy upper lip.

Gigi Hair Removal Strips for the Face

If you suffer from a condition like PCOS/PCOD which makes hair removal a nuisance, then this may be the right product for you. The package comes with 12 strips, which can be used for 24 applications and 1 ounce of post-removal lotion.

This is an affordable buy, if you like to take care of your waxing needs right at home. The wax strips are formulated with the all-natural trademarked Gigi Honee.

The 1 ounce lotion leaves the skin moisturised and soft as well as helps with the sticky residue.

My friend has recently started using these wax strips and she complained about how they’re not sticky enough. My experience was different. I guess the result varies from the targeted area since the friend used it for her coarser chin hair and I did it for my peach fuzz and hairline.

So, I would recommend the Gigi wax strips for fine hair. If you’re dealing with coarser hair, you can always go for Nad’s or Veet.

How to Wax Your Face

Consider doing a patch test on your skin before removing the hairs. Other than that, just follow the instructions given on the box. The standard procedure to wax your face is as follows:
  • check
    Identify the target areas and observe the hair growth.
  • check
    Warm up the wax by rubbing the wax strips between your hands for around 30 seconds.
  • check
    Peel off the waxing strip and apply it in the direction of the hair growth. If it is a double sided strip, you can fold the one you are not using.
  • check
    Press down the waxing strip and gently massage it onto your skin so that it picks up maximum hair. Let it sit for another 30 seconds (but no longer than that).
  • check
    Hold your skin taut. Now, in one swift motion, pull off the strip in the direction opposite to your hair growth. Do not tug at the strip too hard.
  • check
    Use a clean, wet cloth and press it against your skin to calm it. Do not immediately make use of a soothing oil as it may further clog your pores. You can make use of aloe gel or the gel in the product box.

Extra Tips

  • Avoid areas that are prone to acne.
  • You may apply facial moisturiser but do so after a while. Avoid moisturisers that are loaded with oil. Aloe Vera gel or Shea Butter lotion should work well.
  • Consult a medical professional if you observe redness, itchiness, and breakouts after a facial waxing session.
  • Apply baby powder to areas that are sensitive. It’ll also absorb the excess oil and calm the skin after waxing.


I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article! When it comes to waxing my face, I do prefer wax strips to anything else mostly because they’re more convenient. If you don’t feel the same way, you can always try out epilation or even shaving! That’s now on trend! However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing that. Other than that, let me know if you have any questions in the comment section, feel free to ask about any products!





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