4 Best Home Waxing Kits You Need to Try

best home waxing kits

Waxing – what a procedure. Some of us love it, others hate it or perhaps some just want to try it out. Everyone knows that waxing is the kind of procedure where you need to have a few things to do it. Wax, waxing strips, some wipes, spatulas, etc. Getting everything in big quantities isn't very practical. Therefore, setting yourself up with some of those materials from the very beginning can be very helpful. That‘s why I thought I would create this list of the best home waxing kits. I‘m only sharing 4 that I find quite good. Each of them has a short review that will hopefully help you to make up your mind.

Best Home Waxing Kits

Here are some of the better home waxing kits that I think are worth a try. Read the reviews below to get a better idea of which product could suit you the most.

**Below, you'll find my more detailed reviews. However, you can also click above to see customer reviews on Amazon.

GiGi Wax

GiGi is a company that was born in 1972. They always had a belief that professional waxing can be so much more pleasant and intimate. I think that’s why they created products that you can so easily use at home and achieve the same results you would in the salon. In addition to that, you can also save money! Anyway, this company has been trying to improve its products and set up a lot of trends that now shape the waxing world. Their motto is – “good things come to those who wax”, which is both hilarious and inspiring. I think they really care about what they do. That kind of dedication can be seen in the quality of the products they make.

GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit

This particular GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit comes with spatulas, 14 oz of hard wax, pre-epilation oil, post-wax cooling gel and a cd that pretty much just teaches you how to remove hair in the right way. The wax is particularly good for coarse hair that we usually have in the bikini area. Additionally, it does wonders with sensitive areas such as upper lip, chin, eyebrows, and underarms. It’s a hard wax too, that basically means that you have better control over what hairs you remove. Hard wax tends to be softer with skin too. If you have very easily irritated skin, it might be a good choice.

Pre-epilation oils help for the wax to catch hairs avoiding the irritation of your skin. However, if you use too much of it, the wax won’t be as effective. Use it wisely. Also, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the cooling gel that will beautifully soothe your skin and take the pain away.

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BodyHonee Wax

BodyHonee was found in 1980’s by a skin care expert Hana Roda. She believed that everything you put on your body was absorbed. Therefore, she wanted to create effective products that are completely natural and safe to health. We all know that in ancient Egypt people used natural products to remove hair and that was possible. Why wouldn’t it be possible now? That was mostly the reason why Hana Rada started this company. They’ve been working on their products for over 30 years now and the results are fascinating. You’ll notice that I recommend two products of this brand!

BodyHonee Extra Strength Waxing Kit

This waxing kit comes with 2 spatulas, 10 oz of wax, waxing strips and wipes to get the leftover wax away once the procedure is done. It‘s cheaper since you don‘t really need a wax warmer for this one. You can just use a microwave and it should do the job just as well. This formula is good for coarse hair and isn‘t recommended for the face at all. That‘s probably mostly due to the fact that it‘s not a hard wax so you don‘t have as much power over how to remove hair. In other words, it‘s just not as flexible and not so soft on the skin.

The product is made in the US and is cruelty-free. Additionally, both men and women can use it since it gets away even the coarsest hair. It has simple instructions too, which is useful. Anyway, anyone can successfully use this wax and get salon results, which is something everyone can appreciate. It will get messy if you don‘t have experienced hands though. That can be annoying. However, with time you‘ll learn and it won‘t be so bad. Also, I recommend buying some extra oil with this one. You‘ll need it for getting rid of all the leftover wax. Those wipes are simply not enough.

Sugar Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Here is another natural product that you could probably eat! It‘s made from pure cane sugar, sea salt, and lemon juice. All these three ingredients combined create a strong wax that works well on fair to medium hair. It‘s actually water soluble so be careful when using it. However, that also means that you can just use water to wash off the leftovers of the product.

You should probably know that you shouldn‘t use it if you‘ve never waxed or epilated before. That‘s mostly because this wax only works on fair to medium hair. If you start using it on hairs that have never been waxed before, they‘ll be just too thick and this product won‘t be able to rip them out. This wax is less likely to cause allergies if you have super sensitive skin that constantly gets irritated by waxing products. It‘s less painful too. Also, sprinkle some baby powder on your skin before the usage, you‘ll notice how much easier it‘s going to be for that wax to grab your hairs.

Bluezoo Waxing Kit

Bluezoo is not such a well-known brand amongst other waxing companies. I‘m recommending their product because I think it‘s quite good. It comes with a wax warmer, spatulas and hard wax beans in 4 different flavors. However, they do smell weird in the beginning. That might be the problem with the wax warmer.

What I like about this waxing kit is that wax comes in beans. That means that you don‘t need to heat up the whole waxing tin each time you want to remove hair. You simply need to take the number of beans you need for that one procedure and forget about the rest. Constantly reheating wax is quite annoying and with this product, it can be avoided. I think it‘s not as messy as other waxing products and quite easy to use.

Why Waxing Kit?

I‘m sure you‘re wondering why you should buy a waxing kit. Why can‘t you just by wax on its own? Of course, you can and if you‘re planning on waxing regularly, it‘s probably a better idea. However, buying a waxing kit, in the beginning, is quite handy since it contains all the needed materials for waxing procedure in small amounts. If you happen not to like removing hair that way, you‘ll find that out right away and for a cheaper price. That‘s super handy. Therefore, waxing kits are mostly useful for beginners who are getting to know what waxing is really like. It‘s also good to set yourself with all the products you need. Later on, you can just refill the things you don‘t have and buy them separately.

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How to Choose the Right Waxing Kit?

Even though I‘ve recommended some of the waxing kits above, it‘s always good to know what you‘re supposed to search for when searching for a product just for yourself. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself whenever you try to choose a product.

Which Part of Your Body do You Want to Wax?

Obviously, all of us want to remove hair from different parts of our body. Some of you will probably be thinking about hair removal, others about your face, etc. If you‘re looking to wax one part of your body most of the time, it‘s a good idea to choose a wax according to that. Hard wax is usually better with smaller body parts that are more sensitive – face, underarms, bikini area. Soft wax is good with coarse hair and generally with larger body parts – legs, chest, back, belly and arms.

Do you Have Coarse Hair or Fair Hair?

For those who haven‘t waxed or epilated before the answer is pretty simple. You probably have coarse hair and waxing will appear painful. In that case, it‘s better to use hard wax products, because they‘re softer on the skin. Additionally, you‘ll only be able to wax in small patches which will make the overall procedure less painful and more durable. For those who‘ve waxed before and had fairer hair, I‘d recommend soft wax, especially when it comes to large body parts such as legs. Soft wax tends to trap hairs much better and you‘ll get more satisfying end results in less time. It‘s more painful too. However, the experienced ones should be ok with the level of pain it causes. Also, you should still probably use hard wax for sensitive parts and bikini line too. Less painful and easier to control.

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Do You Want to Invest in a Wax Warmer?

Wax warmer is probably the only thing that costs slightly more than anything else. You might want to buy a waxing kit that doesn‘t have one in order to save money and just use a microwave to melt that wax. However, don‘t forget to think about your own comfort. From my own experience, wax warmers are so practical. They just help you out a lot by keeping that wax in liquid form for the whole time. The problem with microwavable wax is that it hardens up too fast and then you need to microwave it in the middle of the procedure. That can be both annoying and tiring. It‘s all about the experience!

Are You Looking for Cruelty-Free Products?

Times are changing and I think more and more of us are starting to care about who companies test all those products on. I live in the UK. Testing products on animals has been banned a long time ago in here. Overall, Europe is animal-friendly country. I know it‘s not like that in the United States. Therefore, you should probably buy products that you‘re comfortable buying. I know that not everyone cares about these things but if you do, you might as well try to find a waxing kit that‘s cruelty free. It‘ up to you really.

Is Your Skin Allergic to Wax?

The sugar wax I recommend above could do wonders for someone who has an allergy to wax products. In fact, trying any BodyHonee product could be a good idea, because they concentrate on creating very natural products that are less likely to cause allergic reactions. When you want to find the best home waxing kits, you should always look at the ingredients. Chemicals are usually behind all of those allergies. Therefore, taking your time to find something that consists of products found in nature, could be a good idea. Your skin will thank you in return. 😉

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I hope you enjoyed the reviews and found the best home waxing kits that would suit your or your friend's needs. Do you have any certain tips on how to choose the right wax? Do you have some thoughts to share about any of these products? Feel free to comment and review! I’d love to learn more and I’m sure others do too!

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