What’s the Best Way to Remove Back Hair?

what's the best way to remove back hair

I know that a lot of guys and some women out there struggle with back hair. While you cannot really see your back, others can and that can be embarrassing. Being comfortable with your body and the way you look is very important both for your mental health and confidence. 

That’s why I thought I would write a small post about all hair removal methods out there so you could figure out what’s the best way to remove back hair for you.

Obviously, we’re all different. Therefore, different things suit different people. I’m going to recommend a few products that might save your day too!


I’ve been talking a lot about epilation in this blog and I’ll keep on doing that! Epilation provides a way to get rid of those hairs for quite a while. 

That’s mostly because epilators rip out the hairs with roots. That means that they don’t grow back for a while.

However, this procedure is quite painful and some people just cannot keep up with it. On the other hand, the back is not as sensitive as any other body part.

Overall, it’s probably a good idea to consider epilation before trying anything else. Why? It’s mostly because of its long-lasting effects and price.

Once you buy an epilator, it survives for up to 2 years. If you choose to wax instead, you’ll probably spend 10-15 times more over the span of that period.

Why You Might Want to Epilate Your Back

epilate back hair

1. Irritates Skin Less Than Any Other Hair Removal Method

Epilators have blades that lift and catch hairs. Afterward, they just rip them out. That mostly means that skin doesn’t get to be touched really. Unless something goes wrong and blades accidentally grip on that skin.

2. Provides Long Lasting Results

The more you epilate, the fewer hairs will grow back. They’ll also grow back thinner! That’s great because it means that you’ll only need to epilate from time to time and procedures will become more pleasant.

Why You Might NOT Want to Epilate Your Back

epilator for back

1. You Cannot Do It Yourself

Unfortunately, no one has invented an epilator that would be specifically for those who want to epilate their backs themselves. That mostly needs that you’ll either need your friend’s or partner’s help. I know that can be inconvenient and annoying.

2. Could Be Painful

I have some friends who can wax, shave, use depilatory creams but cannot stand the pain of epilation. You might be one of them too. However, you should also have in mind that epilation is most painful in the first couple of times. 

Afterward, it gets better and the pain is truly bearable. Waxing beforehand can help a bit too.


Shaving is by far the most common method to remove hair both amongst men and women. It’s understandable since it offers fast, painless results. And I’m not even talking about the price.

It is very cheap too! In addition to all of that, you can shave your back yourself.

Why is Shaving the Best Way to Remove Back Hair by Yourself?

There are no other products for other hair removal methods that would be created just for the people who want to remove hairs from their back themselves.

Therefore, shaving is just the method for you if you’re looking to get rid of that hair without the help of others. Here are a few back shavers that I would recommend for those who truly struggle with back hairs.

Bakblade "Big Mouth" Back Shaver

best back shaver

This big razor, at least that’s how I like to call it, shaves body hairs extremely well since they’re less coarse. It has a long handle and a big head. A combination of both offers flexibility.

I’m sure you’re tired of struggling to get rid of those back hairs. This shaver is super-fast too. It will take you only a few minutes to shave your back. You can use it both on dry and wet skin. You’ll probably need some shaving cream though. That should be useful.

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

best back shavers

Here is another shaver for your back. This one is electric since I know that there are some people who prefer electric razors. I mostly like this gadget’s handle and how it folds. You can reach literally any corner of your back and get rid of the neck hairs without a problem too. 

The price isn’t much bigger either. It comes with two different shaving heads. You can try them out and see which one suits your skin better. What I also like is the fact that it has an extra power mode for those with extra hairy backs. Let’s be honest. It’s useful.

Why You Might Want to Shave Your Back

razors for removing back hair

1. It’s the Least Painful Way to Get Rid of Your Hairs

Shaving is magical. It’s very simple and easy. Moreover, it’s not painful at all. Unless you accidentally cut your skin and start bleeding. All in all, it’s a pleasant and relaxing procedure that many people like.

2. It’s Cheap

Let’s be honest, shaving is cheap. You can always buy a disposable razor and shave with it for a while. Electric razors do a beautiful job too and even though they cost more up front, they turn out to be a good investment that pays off.

Why You Might NOT Want to Shave Your Back

remove back hair

1. Hairs Grow Back Fast

What’s probably most annoying when it comes to shaving is the fact that hairs grow back so fast. They are usually darker too and that’s something that puts many of us off.

2. You’ll Need to Remove Your Hair Very Often

It can be very annoying and frustrating to shave your hairs literally every week. I think that’s mostly the reason why people search for alternatives in the first place. It’s time-consuming and hard to deal with.


Many will argue that waxing is the best way to remove back hair. That‘s mostly due to the fact that it‘s been around for so long and the results it gives are long-lasting. It‘s very common and salons that give waxing services can prove it.

I have a friend who‘s a professional beautician and I‘ve been told that back waxing is a very common procedure. You can always wax at home too. Although, you‘ll probably need a hand with that.

Why You Might Want to Wax Your Back

wax for removing back hair

1. Long-lasting Results

Everybody knows that waxing is powerful when it comes to ripping out those hairs. Once you get those roots out, it takes quite a while for the whole hair to grow back. That’s beautiful because it means that you can enjoy your hair-free back for much longer.

2. Hair Grows Back Fairer and Thinner

Another advantage of waxing is the fact that roots with time get damaged and hairs grow back fairer and thinner. That’s especially important for those with very thick hair.

If you feel like a monkey sometimes, waxing could be the way out for you. Do consider it.

3.Less Painful Than Epilation

I had been waxing before I started epilating. I think it was the reason why epilation wasn’t painful to me at all. However, those who haven’t waxed before never got used to slight pain and haven’t got rid of some of the hair roots. I know that some of my friends still don’t like epilating and they’ve never even tried waxing.

The reality is, waxing is less painful than epilation, because it only takes seconds to rip those hairs out, and then you can have a break. Therefore, it hurts less.

Why You Might NOT Want to Wax Your Back

waxing strips

1. It Can Be Expensive

If you keep on buying waxing kits, wax, spatulas, strips, the prices will add up and at the end of the year, you’ll realize how much you’ve spent on that. Additionally, waxing procedures are even more expensive!

2. Can Irritate Skin

Since wax actually has a contact with skin, it gets irritated no matter what. It‘s both frustrating and painful.

Make sure to prepare your skin before each procedure to avoid skin irritations as much as possible.


Depilation creams offer another way to remove hairs without actual pain. However, the chemicals in these products do irritate skin and different allergic reactions are possible. I wouldn’t say it’s the best way to remove back hair.

However, you may still prefer any other method even though it’s probably more expensive than any of them. Those creams do cost a lot! Also, the results don’t last long at all.


I hope you found the best way to remove back hair that would suit you well. If you have any ideas or thoughts, please share them in the comment section. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking and how things are going for you.

Hair removal isn’t so hard as long as you make the right choices. Once you find something that suits you well, you’ll feel like a different person! 🙂 Have a lovely day and take care!

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