Brazilian Hair Removal: Reasons Why, Best Methods and More!

brazilian hair removal tips

Brazilian hair removal is getting increasingly popular both amongst ladies and gentlemen. More and more people want to have smooth skin even in the pubic area. Having hairless skin down there is a sign of beauty and cleanliness that everybody seeks for. However, it’s not always safe and such side effects as vaginal or vulvar irritations and sexually transmitted infections are possible (read more in sources). It’s important to do it in the right way though. Do you want to remove your pubic hair? Would you simply like to learn more about it and see whether it’s something you should go for? You’re in the right place, my friend.

Why Brazilian Hair Removal?

Have you ever wondered why people have brazilians? Have you asked yourself why you want to do it? I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was no. However, people make up their mind to have a brazilian often due to the feeling that it brings. Isn’t it nice to always feel extra smooth everywhere? It gives us the sense of cleanliness and freedom. Just imagine getting out of the shower, your pubic area would be extra smooth and clean with truly minimal efforts. That’s satisfying to listen to even, isn’t it?

Additionally, new beauty and fashion trends are more and more exposed to the public. Just look at the bikinis right now, you can see way more than you did before. Brazilian hair removal can certainly help you feel more confident in any clothes or bikinis!

Benefits of Being Bare

  • You feel the freedom you’ve never felt before
  • A beautiful sense of cleanliness, freshness 
  • Experience what it’s like to have flawless skin 
  • You’ll look great in a bikini!

Full Brazilian vs. Regular Brazilian

Before deciding to get rid of your hair down there, you need to know a few things about brazilian hair removal. Firstly, there are two types of brazilian – full and regular. Full brazilian is the one you probably have in mind. If you’re going to have it, you’ll need to remove all the hair from your bikini line to achieve ultimate smoothness. However, there are a lot of people who go for regular one, which means that you’ll keep some of the hair and instead shape them. Regular brazilians are less painful since you don’t have to remove all the hair. Also, some people like having some of the hair down there, because they don’t feel as exposed. Moreover, it’s just fun to play with the hair down there and shape them whatever way you want.

How to Remove Hair from Pubic Area?

There are quite a few methods that you could use to remove hair from your bikini line. Some of them are cheaper, others – more expensive. However, I hope I’ll give you an idea of what could suit you best.


Waxing has been around since ancient times and it’s one of the oldest hair removal methods that ladies used in that period. We’ve always wanted to look beautiful! Anyway, many of you will know that it’s a very popular method to remove hair from the bikini area. In fact, many salons in various countries offer such procedures for a relatively good price. You can do it at home as well. However, if you want to get a full brazilian, you may have to be very brave to do it all by yourself. At the end of the day, you’re going to be ripping hair from your body. That’s not overly pleasant.

Who Is It For?

I’d recommend waxing for someone who’s having a brazilian for the first time. If you think it’s a good way to try out your pain limits. It gives you some freedom with how you want to do it as well. When I first started removing my pubic hair, I chose to wax. I was doing it at home and removed only a few patches of hair each day so that I’d get used to the pain. Afterwards, if you feel like you want to get a full brazilian, you should go to the salon and let an expert take care of it. You’ll need a strong hand and good wax to remove all of that hair down there!


  • A good method for beginners
  • Very handy since you can do it at home
  • Relatively cheap to do at home
  • Relatively cheap to do in the salon
  • The least painful procedure


  • Gets very messy
  • Bumps after procedures are very common
  • Not all wax products will be tough enough to do the job
  • Temporary, hair will grow back             

Laser Hair Removal

Lasers in hair removal are relatively new but they’re getting increasingly popular both amongst men and women. It’s the only method that offers truly permanent results. It has its pluses and minuses. I’m not going to be talking about IPL since it’s only a semi-permanent hair removal method, because it simply reduces the number of hairs.

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How Does It Work?

I know that not all of us are acquainted with this hair removing method, therefore it would only make sense if I explained you a thing or two about it. What you need to know is that a laser shoots a beam of light that catches melanin in your skin. Since it’s most concentrated at the roots of your hair, it burns the whole hair including the root. That’s the reason why this method works best on those with light skin and dark hair because it creates the contrast that a laser needs in order to remove hair.

Who Is It For?

First, it’s for someone who has light skin and dark hair for the reasons I’ve explained above. Laser hair removal is quite risky for those who have dark skin. A laser can easily mistake your hair for your skin and burn it instead of removing hair. The outcome might be shocking and highly risky to your health. The good thing, if you go to the salon to get the procedure done, they’ll make sure that you’re a suitable candidate.

Second, it’s for someone who has money. Let’s be real laser hair removal is expensive. It costs 10 times more (even higher than that!) than any other procedure out there. If you choose to go to a salon, you’ll be $300 just for one procedure. You may need 6 or more. Therefore, you’ll need to spend around $2000. Although, after that, you won’t need to bother ever again. You can save some money by buying your own laser and doing it yourself.


  • Truly permanent
  • No bumps to worry about after the procedure
  • Great for full brazilian


  • Expensive
  • The procedure can be painful
  • Only works on light skin with dark hair  


Epilation is so far the newest hair removal method that’s getting increasingly popular. You’ll notice that I write a lot about them! It’s by far my favorite way to remove hair from any part of my body! Why so? It‘s fast, cheap and dead simple. Overall, a very practical method to get rid of your pubic hair.

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Who Is It For?

I think epilation is mostly for those who have been removing hair from bikini area for a while now. For a sensitive body part like that, epilation can be too painful. It‘s much better to start with waxing first and then move on to this hair removal method. Waxing helps to reduce the overall amount of hair and therefore reduces epilation pain.


  • Relatively cheap, you only need to buy an epilator
  • Bumps after the procedure are less common
  • Practical and clean way to remove hair


  • Very painful for beginners
  • Not all epilators are suitable for brazilian hair removal
  • You need to be extra careful when epilating                                                               

So, Who is Brazilian For?

Finally, brazilian is just for anyone who wants to try something different and increase their confidence either in bed or on the beach. It’s not just for women for sure! Men, wanting a brazilian, shouldn’t be ashamed of it at all. It’s up to all of us how we want to look like. However, I still have to tell you that it’s not the most pleasant procedure and therefore requires you to be strong. Before starting just ask yourself whether you’re ready for that.


Even though removing pubic hair is relatively safe, there might be a few complications like genital burns, skin irritation, vulvar and vaginal irritations, etc. Before trying any of the methods I’ve mentioned above, learn how to do it the right way. Just click on the wanted category in the menu on Epilator Home and find all the information easily. In some cases, it’s best to leave brazilian hair removal for a specialist. Being in safe hands is more important than dealing with sad consequences afterwards.

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