brazilian wax aftercare

Some of us are brave and go for brazilians. Others are not so brave and don’t do that. However, I feel like there is many women who wax down there but still leave some of the hair. That’s exactly what one research published on the Journal of Sexual Medicine says as well. No matter whether you’re having a brazilian or just waxing some of the pubic hair on your bikini line, it’s important to take care of yourself after the procedure. Therefore, I am sharing brazilian wax aftercare tips. Hopefully, they will ease your life a little bit.

A Few Tips for Brazilian Wax Aftercare

Here are the things I do after I wax my bikini area.


Whenever we wax our skin gets irritated quite badly. For skin to heal we need to keep our cells moist. That’s mostly the reason we moisturize in the first place. Skin’s natural environment should always be moist. That’s why we have sebaceous glands in our skin. Their job is to secrete oils and help our skin to stay in its natural state. Lately it’s been truly hard to keep our skin that way due to the food that we eat now and environment. Every single day our skin is exposed to different chemicals in the air that it easily absorbs. No wonder why everyone now needs to use creams to keep the skin healthy. Therefore, you should understand why moisturizing after a waxing procedure is critical to you skin condition.

Creative Way to Moisturize

I personally like to be more creative and moisturize my bikini line using natural products from my kitchen. I love to use mayonnaise. I simply apply it on my bikini line and leave it there for around 10 minutes, then wash it off. Additionally, I often use a mask. Yes, I am talking about masks that you usually use for your face. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the one you make yourself or buy from a supermarket. It will still moisturize your skin quite well. To finish all of that, I apply some oil to my skin. My favorite is coconut oil – the miraculous smell it has makes me feel like I’m in paradise. Yes, I am that romantic!


Exfoliation is another part of skin care routine that I‘ve been talking about for so long. However, it‘s so essential that I keep on repeating myself. Depending on who you are, you probably going to prefer different type of exfoliation. I‘m not a fan of chemical exfoliation, therefore I often just use an exfoliating brush. Many of you may be fans of chemical one though.

There are also many ways how you can exfoliate at home naturally. You would be surprised by how many products you have in the kitchen that you could very well use for exfoliation.

  • Coffee grains
  • Baking soda
  • Sugar
  • Sea salt
  • Oatmeal

All of these products could be mixed with kefir or honey to add up that extra moisture to your skin. I personally used coffee grains very often as it is very simple to do that. I simply drink my coffee and rubb in the grains into my bikini line. Simply beautiful and smells very good! However, it can be quite messy, so do it in the shower.

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Antiseptic Cream

I know there are some people out there who’d rather use an antiseptic cream to protect their skin after waxing.

What is Antiseptic Cream?

It’s a cream that’s antimicrobial and can be applied to living tissues to reduce the chance of catching infection.

Infection is a real thing when it comes to waxing. Especially, if we’re waxing such a sensitive part of our body as a bikini line.  Staying extra careful is usually what I recommend. That also allows us to keep our skin smooth and beautiful. Not all red and bumpy. Simply apply it for 3 days after waxing and always make sure to wash your hands before doing that.

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Dead Sea Salt

Dead sea salt can be considered magical if used in appropriate amounts. I personally recommend taking bath with dead sea salt weeks after waxing. However, don’t do it on the first day as it may turn out to be a painful experience. You’re safe to do it the following day though. Dead sea salt prevents infections, because it’s good at killing bacteria. They usually don’t like salty environment and get poisoned very quickly. That’s exactly what you want after waxing since your skin is more prone to being taken over by bacteria and catching infection. I know sounds quite bad.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Tight clothing can irritate your skin even further and I know how hard it is to protect bikini line from irritation. I mean we wear underwear all the time. There is only so much we can do to protect our beautiful flowers from the scratchy fabrics. My suggestion is to wear loose dresses and stay at home on the first day after waxing so that your skin can breathe. Obviously, if it’s not possible there isn’t much you can do apart from sleeping naked. I would suggest you to wax your bikini area on Fridays so that you have all the time to stay at home for a day or two.

Use Body Loofahs

I was surprised to find out only about a few years ago that many people don’t use body loofahs. I couldn’t quite understand why. I was raised with body loofahs in my bathroom. If we didn’t have one, I wouldn’t know how to clean up after myself. I mean they create so much foam, it makes it so easy to wash up! Just now I’m trying to get my boyfriend to using one of them. They’re amazing and moreover they’re great exfoliants!

Things to Avoid 24 Hours After Waxing

  • Swimming in chlorinated pool
  • Saunas
  • Applying topical lotions that cause burning feeling
  • Touching waxed area

I hope you enjoyed my tips for brazilian wax aftercare! Is there anything particular that you do after waxing your bikini area? Perhaps you have some advice to others? Please share your thoughts in comment section. I’d be happy to hear them. In addition to that, if you have questions, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them. It’s important to share out thoughts and that keeps us happy! Now have a nice day and take care. Thank you for your time.