How to Clean Your Epilator in 5 Steps

how to clean your epilator

Those who like epilating and having smooth legs will definitely know how annoying it can be to clean an epilator. Epilators are great and they do their job perfectly. However, keeping them clean is very important if you want these devices to stay “sharp” and do their job properly.

In addition to that, an epilator that’s full of hairs can cause unnecessary inflammations that could result in red bumps, ingrown hairs, and just overall redness (source). That’s especially dangerous for sensitive parts like bikini line, face, and underarms.

All in all, if you want your beauty device to work properly, you need to learn how to clean it. So how to clean an epilator? Is it complicated? Not at all!

Although, I think it’s useful to know what to do and how. When it comes to taking care of your electronic devices, it’s better to have an idea of what care they need. Here some of the things you should keep in mind. Don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated.

How to Clean an Epilator

Here is a little step by step guide on how to clean your epilator. If you follow them, you should be able to keep your epilator functional for a longer time.

Step 1: Find Out What Type of Epilator You Have

There are overall two types of epilators. Dry and Wet&Dry ones. As the name already suggests, the latter ones can be easily cleaned under running water since you can use them in the shower too. That basically means that they’re waterproof.

However, dry epilators are a bit more complicated. Many of them cannot be washed under running water, however, there are exceptions. 

Some of the dry epilators can be washed if you can take off their head. Therefore, read instructions before doing anything extreme.

Step 2: Use a Cleaning Brush

For those who have cheaper epilators that don‘t have a detachable head, I would recommend using a cleaning brush. One usually comes with an epilator. They‘re small and have soft hairs that can get in between the tweezers and let the hairs out.

Whenever you‘re using a brush, try to get out as many hairs as possible. Each time you clean it, turn the epilator on so that the tweezers rotates a bit. In this way, you should be able to clean all of the sides of the epilator head. I like doing that because some of the hairs get out while the head is rotating too.

Step 3: Wash the Head

If you are lucky and your epilator has a detachable head, you can easily wash it under the water. That‘s super helpful and more hygienic too. However, I do still recommend to use a brush beforehand. It gets rid of all the hair that stuck between the tweezers.

If your epilator is waterproof you might as well just put the head under the water while rotating it. It helps to really get rid of all the hairs that are stuck in the head. You might still want to get it out before washing it.

Step 4: Use Alcohol to Kill Bacteria

It‘s a good idea to rub some alcohol into these tweezers since you never know what could be lurking in there. It‘s a good way to avoid ingrown hairs that could be caused by bacteria when you next epilate too.

It‘s very easy. Get some vodka and apply it gently to the epilator head. I‘d suggest using a cotton ball.

Step 5: Let It Dry

Let your epilator or just the head dry out. It‘s a good idea just to leave it on a shelve or on a windowsill for a couple hours or so.

Truly depends on what climate you live in. That‘ll do the job. You probably don‘t want to use cotton or paper to dry your tweezers out, because a piece or two might get into them.

They won‘t be able to rip your hair out anymore after that. Just be careful and value what you have.

Why Cleaning Your Epilator is Important

Perhaps you‘ve noticed yourself or that‘s something your friends have noticed but epilators don‘t last long. They work and tweezers still rotate, however many notice that these devices don‘t rip the hairs out as well after a year.

Many complain that they only cut the hairs and act more like electric razors only after around 11 months. That can be very annoying. That‘s mainly the reason why you should clean your epilator each time you use it.

You‘ll notice that it will stay “sharp“ for much longer. In the end, it‘s going to be worth it since these devices are not very cheap.


I hope you enjoyed this short post and have an idea of how to clean an epilator. In case you have any question or extra ideas that could help others out, please ask questions in the comment section. I‘m sure I can help you with at least some of them. It‘s good to share our knowledge!

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