How to Use Hair Removal Cream With Absolute Ease

how to use hair removal cream

There are two painless hair removal methods out there: shaving and removing hair with depilatory creams. Sometimes shaving becomes a hassle. Your hair grows back before you know it and it barely lasts. On the other hand, depilatory creams can offer you an extra day or two. That is an advantage they have over razors. Read on to find out how to use hair removal cream, and maintain a smooth skin. In addition to that, I’ll be sharing a few pros and cons of using these creams!

So How to Use Hair Removal Cream?

Here are some of the steps you could follow to really get rid some of that hair. It’s quite simple as long as you don’t ignore your skin.

Find the Right Cream for the Right Part

Choosing the right cream for your skin type shouldn’t be a problem. All you have to do is consider your skin’s sensitivity and the parts on which you’re going to use the product. If you have really sensitive skin you might want to ask for your doctor’s recommendation on what creams might work better. Get a formula that is specifically made for your face or your bikini area if that’s what you’re after. Try to get a cream that has cooling and moisturizing ingredients such as tea tree oil and Aloe Vera. Hair removal creams have a bad reputation for their smell. That’s mostly due to the reaction when the hair is chemically burnt. You can get a scented cream if you can’t stand the smell, but from what I’ve experienced that doesn’t help that much. Just tough it out!

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Do the Allergy Test

It is important that you do an allergy test at least 24 hours before using the cream. Always remember that your skin might get more sensitive due to hormonal changes, so it is always better to do an allergy test. Apply a small amount of the product on to a small area where you want to remove the hair from. Make sure to follow the exact directions given by the company. If you have no reaction to the cream after 24 hours, go ahead and use it. Make sure to wash the product off completely after you use it. I find the spatula a bit irritating to my skin, so using waters works better for me.

Check Your Skin Condition

If you’ve already done the allergy test and things turned out fine, then it’s probably the right time to check how’s your lovely skin doing. Examine it for any sunburns, cuts or scars just to make sure it’s healthy before you irritate it. If you notice that you have a cut or other irritations, it’s better to wait a little bit for them to disappear. Moreover, don’t depilate just after you’ve shaved. You most likely have a few tiny scratches that might react quite badly to the product. Therefore, just wait for a couple days until you’re fully healed and enjoy having that lovely skin afterwards!

Apply the Cream

pros and cons of depilatory creams

The only thing you should pay attention to is how much of the cream you’re applying. The layer should be thick enough to actually burn some that hair. Also, spread it evenly!

Wash It Off Completely

As you’ve probably already realised, I prefer hopping into the shower much more than using the spatula to remove the cream. However, even if you decide to use the spatula, take a quick shower afterwards. That will help you to get rid of all leftover cream. Avoid hot water because it’ll dry your skin out and might irritate it even more.

Pros and Cons of Using Hair Removal Creams

Like any other hair removal method, depilating has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s good to know about them before starting to use different products. I hope you’ll find this list helpful!

Pro: It’s Super Easy to Use!

Anyone can use hair removal creams without experiencing any kind of problems (unless you develop a rash). All you have to do is apply a thick layer of the cream and leave it for as long as it’s directed on the product. That’s usually 8 to 12 minutes. I actually like to keep it on for a few minutes longer just to make sure it truly works. For the same reason, I wash the cream off so it’s done all at once.

Con: It lasts only up to five days

That’s something I truly don’t like. Your hair will start growing back after 4-5 days. Even faster than that sometimes! Really depends on how quickly your hair grows in general. It’s still better than shaving.

Pro: Cheap for One Time

One tube can cost from $5 to $10. You’d think that’s quite cheap and it is but only if you use it for a couple times a month.

Con: Expensive for Regular Usage

 A tube doesn’t cost a lot but if you remove hair from large body areas or choose to use this method to get rid of hair all the time, it might get very expensive. Also, one tube is often not enough for legs, back or belly!

how to use depilatory cream

Con: Bad Smell

Hair removal creams smell even before you apply them to your skin. Recently, many brands have claimed to have new formulas that are odor free. Some brands have essential oils to cover up the smell, and some claim to be completely scentless. Quite frankly, I struggle to find a product that smells nice but some of them are okay. If your skin holds onto strong odors and you have a hard time getting rid of the smell, you can dilute rose ship essential oil and use a cotton ball to dab it onto your skin. It will give your skin a nice smell.

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If you didn’t know how to use hair removal cream, I hope this article helped! There are many different ways to get rid of hair, and depilatory creams are certainly worth the attention. Have any questions? Please comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them! Don’t hesitate and have fun depilating those hairs!


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