Waxing Underarms at Home: Steps, Tips, and Tricks

waxing underarm is very easy if you do it the right way. Learn all tips and tricks on how to wax underarms

If you’re tired of hairy underarms and want to try something other than shaving, waxing might be just what you need. Many are often not afraid of waxing legs, however, when it comes to more sensitive parts such as underarms, chin or bikini line waxing seems a bit scary.

I’ve been waxing my underarms for 4 years now. That’s why I thought it would be a great opportunity to give some tips and tricks on how to wax armpits yourself. It’s not as painful as you might think. Obviously, if you do it the right way.

Why Should You Wax Underarms?

I mean you could just shave, right? True. But there is one advantage to waxing, that shaving doesn’t have. When you’re pulling the hair, you’re essentially pulling out the roots. Thus, the hair then needs to reform its follicle before it can grow.

Thus, the hair takes much longer to grow back. When it does happen, the hairs are usually lighter and thinner. That also means that waxing underarms will be most painful in the beginning and get easier each time you wax.

Also, if you have smelly underarms, studies show that waxing immediately reduces the odor.

Is It Safe to Wax Underarms?

Waxing armpits is safe, even though this part of our bodies is truly very sensitive. To avoid getting bumps after waxing, you’ll just need to pay extra attention to what you’re doing.

What Type of Wax Should You Use for Waxing Armpits?

what type of wax to use for underarms

I only recommend two types of wax for armpits since it’s such a sensitive area.

Hard wax is one of the options. Why? It’s much softer on the skin. Also, it works best when you use it on small areas. Here are 4 hard wax products that I recommend.

Waxing strips work amazingly on small areas. I find it hard to wax my legs with them (simply because they’re not strong enough). However, they do well on underarms. I have one trick though. I always make sure to cut waxing strips into smaller pieces (4 to 5).

Over the years I’ve found that it’s less painful and much more efficient at pulling the hair out. A small piece of a strip can be pulled very fast and you’ll exert more power over the area of the strip. So, it’ll get more hair out at a time.

Don’t use soft wax. It’s way too painful and messy.

Step by Step Guide on Waxing Underarms

how to wax armpits

Here are the steps you want to follow.

1. Put on a towel

As you’ve probably understood, you don’t want to wear a shirt of a sweater while waxing. Both because you want to expose your underarms and not ruin your clothes. Wax sticks to everything, don’t forget that!

2. Apply some baby powder (optional)

Baby powder helps to absorb all the oils and sweat that might otherwise interfere with wax. However, if you don’t really sweat that much, the powder isn’t necessary. I usually don’t use it but know people who found it to be a lifesaver.

3. Raise your arm so that the skin is taut.

4. Time to wax

How to Wax Your Armpits with Hard Wax

  • Warm up the wax (either in the microwave or with a wax heater).
  • Use a spatula to apply melted wax in the direction of hair growth.
  • Keep it on for around 2-5 minutes.
  • Pull the wax (as quickly as you can) against the direction of hair growth.

How to Wax Underarms with Wax Strips

  • Cut the strip into smaller pieces.
  • Keep the piece in between your palms to warm it up.
  • Separate the strips and slowly apply it to your skin in direction of hair growth.
  • Rub the strip that’s on your skin to make sure the wax catches the hairs.
  • Quickly pull the strip against the direction of hair growth.

5. Repeat the procedure multiple times.

Unfortunately, wax usually doesn’t catch all the hairs in one go. Thus, prepare yourself for a couple more tries. If your skin is getting more sensitive each time, apply pressure with your fingers to that area to reduce the pain. Do it right after you pull the wax/strip off. Thus, have both of your hands ready!

6. Remove the wax

Removing the wax from your underarms is easier than you think. Don’t try water, it will only make things worse! However, any oil (coconut, almond, olive) will do wonders here. Simply apply a little bit of it and use a towel to take it off.
Don’t rub too hard so you don’t irritate the skin.

7. Moisturize

Use a moisturizing cream or aloe vera to lock some moisture in. It’ll help your skin to heal faster and avoid getting any red bumps that none of us want.

Make sure you’re not irritating your skin for 24 hours after the procedure. It’s important to let your underarms breathe. Thus, try to wear a sleeveless shirt or sleep naked.

Best Wax for Underarms

Here are some of the best hard wax products and waxing strips that I recommend. Read my reviews here.

  1. My Reviews of the Top Hard Wax Products
  2. Top Waxing Strips Out There

Side Effects of Waxing Underarms

Every hair removal method has its cons and pros. Here are a few things I’d personally have in mind when deciding to wax your underarms.

Every hair removal method has its cons and pros. Here are a few things I’d personally have in mind when deciding to wax your underarms.

1. It Can Be Painful

Waxing is very painful, especially in the beginning. Why? That’s mostly due to the fact that you have a lot of hair, so it’s naturally more painful to rip out a bigger amount of hair.

Also, when waxing is new, you’re not yet used to the pain. It’s simply hard to know what’s coming your way when you’ve never tried it, right?

Although, do know that waxing armpits does get less painful with time. The second time you wax, it’s going to be significantly less painful than the first time. You can count on me with this one.

2. It Gets Messy

Yes, it can get messy even with waxing strips. Especially if you leave them all around the place. Do remember that they’re extra sticky, so treat them with care. Never put them on the surface with the wax side down (something I’ve had to learn the hard way).

If you do spill some wax all over the floor, make sure you have oil and dry towels to remove it right away.

3. You Might Get Red Bumps

The first few times your skin will not necessarily be accustomed to waxing. At the end of the day, you’re ripping out the hairs out of your body. It might cause irritations that lead to red bumps.

Here is an article on how to treat bumps after waxing. Once your skin gets used to it, you’ll notice that it’s much smoother and bumps are no longer the problem. So, be patient and take care of your skin!

How Long Does Hair Have to Be to Wax Underarms?

I think anything that’s around 5mm is great, but the hair can be longer too. That might mean that the procedure can get a little bit painful. However, if you have very short hair that you can barely see, it’s better to wait for them to grow before you wax your underarms.


That’s everything I wanted to share about waxing underarms! If you have any questions/suggestions, please comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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