What is an Epilator and How Does it Work?

what is an epilator

Hearing about an epilator for the first time in your life? Just need a reminder of what it is? Do you just want to find out what is an epilator and how does it work? You are in the right place to get all of that information at once.

What is an Epilator and How Does it Work?

Here is an official definition for an epilator and some of its advantages:

It is an electrical device built to pull the hair out. That is done by the help of tweezers that grasp them. If you were to compare epilators to waxing, you would find out that epilators don't remove cells from your skin but only hair. That could be a big game changer for those who have sensitive skin and often suffer from rashes that waxing causes.

Types of Epilators

Spring Type

A well known Epilady brand invented spring type epilators in 80's. Nowadays people mostly use them for face. They are quite handy for those who have facial hair that they need to get rid of. These beauties are very cheap and require absolutely no electricity. Even better, you can just use them with your hands. However, it may take some time to figure out how they exactly work.

The design simply consists of a coil spring and two handles. In order to use this epilator, you have to bow the device into the curve and then place above facial hair that you would like to remove. Now turn the handles and remove hair with ease. Simple as that. The best thing about this method is that you can fully control it and stop whenever you cannot take it anymore. As you've already realised this type of epilator is very often used to remove facial hair.

Rotating Disc Type

People invented rotating disc epilators so they could operate in the same way as spring epilators. However, instead of a spring, rotating disc was using a series of metal discs. This type of epilator is the reason why we have such advanced gadgets that epilate faster and better than ever.

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Tweezer Type

You can see those epilators everywhere and the way they're built improves every year. That only means one thing! The process of epilation is getting less painful and the results are way better. Inventors redid the rotating disc epilator in such a way that plates were no longer complete discs and that ensured that epilator could catch hair easier. Each epilator now has a rotating head with tweezers which catch hair and then remove them with the help of moving head. The epilator is then smart enough to release the hair thus preparing itself to remove another patch of hair. The continuous movement ensures an everlasting epilating process.

Unfortunately, these epilators not always pull out the hair but snap them instead. Don't worry though, most of the hair are pulled out and regular epilation will ensure that the process will get less and less painful. Skin will feel smoother and smoother each time. Snapped hair will later be caught by tweezers and removed soundly. What can you ask for more?

In addition to all, now you can get an epilator and even use it in the shower! What is the advantage of that? The epilation becomes less painful and way easier to bear! However, the whole process gets longer and for those who value their time it may not be such a good function.

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Advantages of Epilation

advantages of epilation

It's Cheaper

Imagine spending the rest of your life buying wax, waxing strips and probably waxing kits. Now try to calculate how much it would cost to you? Have your number? Great. Now go and check some of the prices for epilators.. Most epilators don't even cost a $100 and they can last for up to 5 years, depending on how often you need to use them. We're quite sure that an epilator will be on the lower side of the equation.

It's Faster

Let's think about waxing again. Have you ever noticed how long it takes to wax your whole body? How nasty it is? How hard it is to clean up the bathroom afterwards! We are not even talking about wax being all over the floor and cannot even think about the struggle of cleaning all of that up. Don't tell us you have never been in that place before. We've definitely experienced the pain caused by such endeavours! Epilator on the other hand will not make your bathroom look like a mess, your legs will not have bits of wax on them and it will be so much faster to remove that hair from any part of your body.

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It's Better For Your Skin

As we have mentioned before, whenever you wax, some of your skin cells are taken away. That essentially causes rashes and irritated skin. Shaving is not better in that sense. You can always easily cut yourself and even if you don't, your skin gets red and you can find bumps all over it. The possibilities of getting an infection are scary! On the other hand, epilator only attacks your hair and its follicles. It does not touch your skin. In fact, many people notice how smooth the skin is even after the first session of epilation. That says a lot about the device itself and how useful it is.

Yes, It's More Painful Than Shaving

We understand that epilation is way more painful than shaving. However, it's really getting better! Epilators are improving, they now have built-in massaging rollers that stimulate your skin and with good preparation as well as regular epilation, it can become a pain-free experience with wonderful results. From the way epilators are improving now, we can see that they will become more and more popular.

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I hope now you know what is an epilator and how it really works. In case you have more questions or ideas to add up to the article, please feel free to contact us or comment below. We are here to help and to listen to what you have to say! It's a beautiful socialising experience after all and we want to share it with you. We hope you made up your mind on what epilators you want or need. In case you are interested in finding a specific one for yourself, here are some of the top choice epilators that we feel are worth trying.

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